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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Guess what I did Columbus Day? I climbed a mountain. That's right. I climbed a mountain, scampered up boulders from a long-ago rock slide, edged my way through a crack in the side of the rock, nearly got blown over by the wind. 
Oh, but the view was beautiful. I cannot fathom the detail God went to to create each and every tree, every leaf, every lake, every blade of grass. He is Creator of all! 
Why should God bless us with this world? Why does he want us, a sinful creation, to enjoy the beauty of the forest, the majesty of the ocean, the regalia of a mountain? 
The answer is in that one word. Brownie points if you can guess!!
He created us in His own image. He loves us! Are you not proud when you complete a drawing, regardless of the result? Or if you write a story? Even if you are not entirely satisfied with the result, you're still going to smile and say, "Look what I did!"
And imagine-in Genesis, when he first made the world, he said it was good. 
Good? What? This may go back to my earlier post, but I know sometimes you don't feel "good enough". But think-if God failed when He made you...what does that say about Him? Saying you're not good enough belittle the One Who made who, who formed you, who knew you before you were born. 
There's a series that I really like. It's called the Dragonkeeper Chronicles(by Donita K. Paul). The setting is of a world far far away, where God is called by the name of Wulder. He wrote three Tomes. In one of them(forgive me for not remembering which one) Wulder says, "Taste now and imagine. For the pleasures of this world are as a grain of sand compared to what I have in mind for you when you come to Me." This world is meant for us to enjoy! 
For what can compare to the majesty of the Almighty God?