Welcome to my blog! I love my life and I love my God!

About Me

Hello. My name is Alliah. Welcome.
First and foremost, know this: if you hadn't guessed it already, I am a Christian. I love my God and I love to serve Him. I have been called to ministry.
Another thing to note about me : I am an artist. Well, I'm getting there. I am extremely passionate about my art and I am constantly learning new things about it. One of the major reasons, one of the things that makes me an artist, is that I see God's world differently than most people. It is difficult to explain in normal terms, and it sounds cliche when said, but where most people see emptiness, I see potential. Where you see a sunset, I see God's painting and want to copy it. I think I may turn my art into my ministry someday. And I am still exploring branches of art beyond painting and drawing, such as pottery, photography, and metalwork.
I am also the kind of person that will randomly break out in song. And something I love about my family (blood-related and adopted) is that they won't give me a strange look; they'll join in. I am quite adept at picking out the harmony and singing it, and I have been told that my voice isn't extremely terrible. 
Other than that, I write a bit, read constantly, am a diehard fan of Doctor Who, and I love the ocean. Am I odd? Just a bit, yeah. ;)